Monday, March 1, 2010

My Newest Toy

Last week I ordered The Balboa Baby Sling by Dr. Sears. Yes, yes I am one of those crazy Dr. Sears followers but I can't help it. His parenting tips fit my personality. I have read four of his books and with each read I find myself liking him more and more. The last book I read of his was called The Attachment Parenting Book : A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby and it introduced me again to the idea of baby wearing which I swore I would never do. But, wanting what is best for Sam and loving the idea of carrying him hands free, my husband and I went to the baby store and started trying on slings. It is no wonder that the most comfortable sling was made by the great and very rich Dr. Sears. So, I went home and ordered it on Amazon (seller...One Hot Mama Nursing and Maternity).
Today was my first attempt at wearing the sling while trying to get random tasks done around the house. It is very easy to adjust and although Sam looks uncomfortable, he does seem to really enjoy it. Getting the right fit for both of us to be comfortable did take several tries of me loading him in and out. I got frustrated at first because the lady and baby on the box look so blissful and Sam and I didn't quite have those same carefree smiles on our faces. But with practice I got him in the right way and I started walking around the house. Within 5 minutes he was sound asleep. Amazing!!!! I usually spend a good 30 to 45 minutes rocking him to create the right nap mood and this sling had him sound asleep with ease. With Sam quietly dreaming I decided to see what could be accomplished wearing my baby for the first time.

I can straighten up the living room.
I can put a new trash bag in a trash can.
I can hang up clothes.
I can blog.
Okay now the things I can't do with the sling. Well, at least not yet.
I can't unload a top loading washer.
I can't unload the dishwasher.
I can't rinse dishes that are in the sink. (Baby Sam got wet!)

I am slowly and cautiously falling in love with this sling. Just the fact that I was able to get Sam asleep so fast gets it a second date for tomorrow. It was very comfortable to wear and so far it feels very safe. I will have to practice some more around the house before I debut it out and about. I am really looking forward to using it at the grocery store and Target so I can ditch that incredibly heavy car seat!!!


  1. (Seller...One Hot Mama Nursing and Maternity) I love it! I think you're hilarious! I love reading about the adventures of new mommy and baby Sam!

  2. slings are the best!! i loved having Leo in the sling while i worked around the house or ran errands.


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